Jonathan L. Smith-Pastor

    Welcome to the website of First Baptist Church of La Grange.  Our church is
    excited about what God is doing in the La Grange area and about how we can be a
    part of what God is doing.  If you live in the La Grange area or are moving here
    soon, we invite you to worship with us on Sunday at 10:30 a.m.  We also want you
    to be aware of our Bible studies during the Sunday School hour at 9:00 a.m. 
    There are classes for all ages.  Consider yourself invited to all of the
    ministries and activities of First Baptist Church.

    First Baptist is a place where Jesus Christ is always First. Because this is
    true, it is also a place where grace and truth intersect. We hold to the
    absolute truth of Jesus Christ and His word found in the Bible, but we know none
    of us ever completely measures up. In other words, we are not a perfect place
    because we are people like you. We are, however, a growing place. You won't be
    judged at First Baptist. You will simply be invited to join us on the journey as
    we together seek to love Jesus Christ and honor Him.

    At First La Grange, we are striving to be a place of true Christlike
    community.  You will find people of all ages, seniors in high school and senior
    adults.  You will find bed babies, toddlers, children, pre-teens, teenagers,
    young married couples, middle age couples, empty nesters, senior adults, single
    adults...you will find people just like you!  Our philosophy of ministry is that
    the church of Jesus Christ should be a place where all different age groups are
    learning to love Christ and love one another.

    If I can be of any help to
    you, my door is always open.  Give me a call at 979-968-6084, email me at jonathan@fbclagrange.net or even
    better, stop in to say hello.  Cold Dr. Pepper is always available!

    You can hear our worship services Sunday's at 11:30a.m on KBUK 104.9FM.

    Come join us and be part of our growing community!

    The LORD Be With You,

    Jonathan L. Smith