How has this partnership impacted FBCLG ?

Pastor Jonathan said about this mission field:
" Baseball camp gives our church people the possibility to grow in faith and serve in a foreign country. Our focus as a church is to grow Gods kingdom. We know if we do this, we will grow as a church. "
This is what First Baptist Church experienced in the last years.

The church in Bünde send two interns over to La Grange to serve at First Baptist Church , each of them stayed for six month and worked in children and youth ministries.
In September 2011 when Fayette County was facing wildfires, the German partner church organized a charity dinner in Bünde to support families who were affected by the fires. About 4000 $ were sent to those families in need.

The partnership is more than just an alliance between two churches with the function to organize a mission trip every summer. The partnership is based on friendships between people of all ages from EFG Bünde and FBC La Grange who support each other in faith and life.


Why mission work in Germany?
Why not? One might think, since Germany is the home of Martin Luther & the  Reformation, there is no need for mission work.
We experienced that there is great need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Most people that consider themselves as Christians do so because of their denomination, not because they have a living faith.


Why Baseball?
Soccer is the ''big sport'' in Germany, just very few people play baseball. Our Teaxan missionaries get to teach the German kids and teenagers a ''new sport'' , also Baseball gives the Texans and translators the possibility to have a lot of one-to-one contact with the kids.
BUT:  It's not about baseball.

The camp is about getting in touch with kids, developing lasting relationships and telling them about the love of Christ.
That is why we go to Germany. Not mainly to teach Baseball.

Who is this partner church in Germany?
The Church is called Evangelisch Freikirchliche Gemeinde Bünde . The town Bünde is in the west of Germany, about 44 000 people live there.

EFG Bünde has 152 members and has been a partner church to First Baptist Church La Grange since 2009.
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