GriefShare Group




Surviving The Holidays 

November 16, 2017

6:30 pm in the Library


This program features biblical, Christ-centered teaching that focuses on grief topics associated with the death of a loved one. The DVD seminar features nationally respected grief experts and real-life stories of people, followed by a small group discussion about what was viewed. Your bereavement experience may be recent or not so recent.

You will find encouragement, comfort and help in grieving the death of a spouse, child, parent, sibling, other family member or friend. No matter what the cause of your loved one’s death, this is an opportunity to be around people who understand what you are feeling. You will learn valuable information about facing your new normal in life and renewing your hope for the future. 

To register or for questions, call or email Gay Dobbs at 979-732-7551 or, or call the church office at 979-968-6084.


Cost: $15.00 (includes workbook)


Session 1

Is This Normal?

λ Why your grief experience is harder than you imagined

λ Why the intensity and duration of your emotions are normal and appropriate

λ Despite how you feel now, there is reason for hope


Session 2

Challenges of Grief

λ More eye-opening reasons why your pain is so overwhelming

λ Some of the overlooked, yet common, effects grief has on your mind, body, and spirit

λ How to get things done when you feel like you don’t have any energy


Session 3

The Journey of Grief, Part 1

λ Helpful goals to set on your journey of grief

λ How to deal with those who try to rush you through your grief

λ How long the journey of grief typically lasts


Session 4

The Journey of Grief, Part 2

λ Why it’s important to put effort into your healing

λ How the events surrounding your loved one’s death can affect your grief

λ The best ways to deal with your loved one’s belongings


Session 5

Grief and Your Relationships

λ How does the death of a loved one affect your relationships

λ Why solitude can be a blessing and a curse

λ How to deal with friends who don’t understand your grief


Session 6


λ God wants you to share your feelings with Him

λ Why being honest with God is an expression of faith

λ What God has to say about you and your “why” questions


Session 7

Guilt and Anger

λ How to deal with false guilt

λ How to grieve conflicted relationships

λ How to handle grief-related anger


Session 8

Complicating Factors

λ How traumatic experiences affect grief

λ How to deal with nightmares and flashbacks

λ How your thinking affects your emotions


Session 9


λ How to prevent getting stuck in grief

λ Common misconceptions that hinder healing

λ Why your path to healing isn’t always smooth


Session 10

Lessons of Grief, Part 1

λ An often-overlooked reason that grief is so painful

λ Why going to church can be so difficult

λ The benefits of helping others


Session 11

Lessons of Grief, Part 2

λ Who are you now that your loved one is gone

λ Why no one grieves perfectly

λ What grief can teach you about relationships


Session 12


λ What heaven is like

λ Whether you should communicate with deceased loved ones

λ Whether near-death experiences are reliable descriptions of heaven

λ More answers to questions about heaven


Session 13

What Do I Live for Now?

λ Why moving forward is necessary

λ Why it’s a process

λ Why peace and pain will always coexist