Next Dates- March 16-18: a few members of FBC will be going into Giddings State School to be a part of the Epiphany Prison Ministry. This is a short three-day course in Christianity that brings the message of God’s love, grace and forgiveness to incarcerated youth.





    The mission of Epiphany is to offer incarcerated juveniles an opportunity to change their lives and value systems by introducing them to Jesus Christ. Epiphany strives to manifest God’s love to these boys (“Stars”) and strengthen the message that their lives are worthwhile because of God’s endless love for them.


    3 Great Ways You Can Support

    Giddings State School Epiphany Ministry


    We dearly welcome your prayers prior to and during this upcoming Epiphany; below are some suggestions for prayers:


    *For the 50 members of the Epiphany Team to be humble servants.

    *Guidance                    *Wisdom             *Security & Protection

    *A hunger for God       *Satan to be bound from the prison

    *Participation by the youth and safeguard against distractions

    *An open heart for each youth that he might receive whatever Christ desires for him during the Epiphany weekend

    *Staff of Giddings State School


    Please contact Heidi Ehler if you are willing to pray, as she would like to include your name on our prayer chain that will be displayed in the Chapel at Giddings State School during the Epiphany weekend.

    Attend Closing Ceremony on Sunday. “Free World” Christians (over 18 yrs.) are invited to this special ceremony to show our support for the Stars and their new lives in Christ.

    Those attending will need to complete Texas Juvenile Justice Department Special Event Visitor Facility Access Agreement and strictly adhere to the written rules. Completed forms need to be returned to Julie Elliott or Tammy no later than Thursday, TBD.

    During Epiphany we feed the Stars spiritually and physically. Meals are prepared by the outside kitchen team and transported into GSS. Like the rest of the weekend, the Stars eat with their Epiphany family consisting of 6 boys, table mother, table father and spiritual director. An Epiphany weekend typically cost $5000 for meals and snacks for the Stars and the team so financial donations are welcome.

    Please contact Alyssa Combs if you would like to make a contribution.

    Thank you and please feel free to email any of us with comments or questions.


    Alyssa, Heidi (Sunnu) and Julie


    To Download documents such as the Rules and Access Agreement, please click HERE.