WordUp will continue through the summer as a teaching series. Historically, Baptist are known as “People of the Book” and yet we find that many people today are lacking in their understanding of the scriptures. To increase our Biblical literacy, on Sunday evenings this summer, we are offering eight teaching sessions on the doctrine of Scripture. In addition to the teaching sessions, on select nights, we will have mission reports from our various mission teams. Below this list, you can also find the series in our Archives.


    June 5

    Where the Bible Comes From.

    June 12

    Inerrancy of Scripture

    June 26

    Inspiration of Scripture & Mission Report: El Salvador Team.

    July 3

    Sufficiency of Scripture.

    July 10


    July 17

    Authority of Scripture & Mission Report: Church Under the Bridge Team.

    July 24

    Understanding and Applying Scripture & Mission Report: Long Island Team.

    July 31

    Understanding and Applying Scripture.

    August 7

    Mission Report: Germany Team.